Alegent Health Northwest Imaging

Northwest Imaging is a joint venture between Radiology Consultants and Alegent Health.


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.

MRI uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and virtually all other internal body structures. The images can then be examined on a computer monitor, transmitted electronically, printed or copied to a CD. MRI does not use ionizing radiation (x-rays).

Detailed MR images allow physicians to better evaluate various parts of the body and determine the presence of certain diseases that may not be assessed adequately with other imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound or computed tomography (also called CT or CAT scanning).

MR imaging of the body is performed to evaluate:

Physicians use the MR examination to help diagnose or monitor treatment for conditions such as:

A questionnaire is completed prior to exam to avoid potential hazardous interactions that can occur between the magnetic field and pacemakers or other metallic implantable devices. The patient then enters a round scanner for a short period.   Music or ear plugs are made available to diminish the noise produced during the exam. In some cases an IV will be placed to give intravenous contrast which can aid in the diagnosis of certain conditions. The images will be given to the radiologist specially trained in interpretation of your particular exam. Results are sent to your physician as soon as possible.