Alegent Health Northwest Imaging

Northwest Imaging is a joint venture between Radiology Consultants and Alegent Health.


Computed tomography obtains images quickly using x-rays and computers. Very detailed images are obtained of almost any part of the body requiring evaluation. A questionnaire is filled out to ensure safety. The patient will pass through the round opening in the scanner with the entire scan being completed in several seconds. Images are given to the radiologist who specializes in the particular area  examined. Reports are sent to your physician as soon as possible. The most common areas scanned are the brain, neck, chest, abdomen  and pelvis. Evaluation of arteries with CT angiography is also possible. This 3-D exam uses iodinated contrast injections. It can be used to evaluate potential narrowing in your coronary, carotid, renal, or leg arteries.

 All Alegent owned facilities have a 64-slice CT scanner.  These scanners are able to scan the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis in 16 seconds.  

CARE dose software enables best diagnostic image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose.