The Radiology Consultants of the Midwest Difference: Molecular Medicine

Radiology Consultants of the Midwest’s nuclear medicine physicians provide excellent clinical care and a commitment to developing diagnostic and therapeutic molecular medicine for the future.

Patients receive:
  • Expert care from Nebraska’s first theranostics program
  • Access to new treatments through participation in more than 20 clinical trials
  • One of the nation’s largest (by volume) traumatic brain injury imaging programs
  • Nation’s largest clinical experience in oncologic alpha particle therapy
  • Only Alzheimer’s Imaging program in Nebraska and Iowa
    -Free, convenient, on-site parking.
Types of exams:
  • Alpha particle therapy for bone metastases
  • Biliary tract imaging
  • Bone scans
  • PET scans
  • Thyroid imaging and treatment
  • White blood cell imaging for infection